Class of 2022

Bruce Doering – Golden Athlete
Dave Pelletier – Golden Athlete
Bob Robinson – Golden Athlete
Matt Miller – Contemporary Athlete
Ryan Fetherston – Contemporary Athlete
Ty Erickson – Contemporary Athlete
Amy Brooks – Contemporary Athlete
Heather Davis Lieberg – Contemporary Athlete
Cyndie Lockett – Contemporary Athlete
Linda Paull – Coach
Tony Arntson – Coach
Jim Gross – Coach
Curt Synness – Special/Official
1997 Helena High Boys Track & Field
1997 Helena High Girls Basketball
2000 Helena High Girls Track & Field
1996 Capital High Girls Soccer
1997 Capital High Girls Soccer
1998 Capital High Girls Soccer
1999 Capital High Girls Soccer
2000 Capital High Girls Soccer
1936 East Helena Smelterites

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Below are the links to the photos taken by Joel Maes and John Smith.

John Smith

Joel Maes